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Your italian experience in Castro dei Volsci, most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Balcony of Ciociaria

Castro dei Volsci, named among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, is a small town that sits atop a hill, called the “Balcony of Ciociaria,” the birthplace of Nino Manfredi director, singer and actor among the most famous and important in Italian cinematography. Dedicated precisely to Nino Manfredi is the permanent exhibition in the Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio), where a multifunctional center is active.

Monument to Mamma Ciociara

On the top of Castro dei Volsci, there is the statue of Mamma Ciociara erected in memory of women raped during World War II, placed in a square in with a panoramic balcony over the territory of Ciociaria on June 3, 1964.

The artwork, created by Fedele Andreani, depicts a mother using her body to shield her daughter from violence, in memory of the women who were victims of the Marocchinate, events recounted in Vittorio de Sica’s famous film “La Ciociara”.

Silver Medal of Civil Merit

Castro dei Volsci was awarded the Silver Medal of Civil Merit, an honor granted by the Italian Republic to “reward individuals, entities, and organizations that have shown exceptional selflessness in alleviating the suffering of others or assisting those in need”.

Silver Medal of Civil Merit

“A small municipality in Ciociaria , located on the Gustav Line, it was the target of fierce roundups by Nazi troops and devastating bombings that resulted in numerous civilian casualties and the destruction of half of the housing stock. The population was forced to abandon their belongings and seek refuge in the mountains, enduring hardship and suffering. With the arrival of the Allies, the town then had to record some acts of brutal violence against fellow citizens by Moroccan troops. An admirable example of self-sacrifice and patriotism.”

A green valley between Rome and Naples.

Set in stunning countryside surrounded by vast, green open spaces, wild flowers, chestnut woods, oaks and brooks; this is the landscape embracing visitors in Castro dei Volsci, deep in the heart of Ciociaria region, the ancient Rome Countryside.

“La Locanda del Ruspante” is the ideal choice for anyone aiming to visit places of historical and natural interest in the area, such as Montecassino Abbey(40 km), Casamari Abbey (30 km), the Carthusian monastery of Trisulti (40 km) and the ancient towns of the Ciociaria region such as Ferentino, Alatri, Anagni, Arpino, the nearby caves of Pastena (3 km) and the Archaeological Museum of Castro dei Volsci.

The holiday farm is just one hour and half drive from Rome and half an hour drive from the coast and the beaches of the Ulysses Riviera (Terracina, Sperlonga, Gaeta) and the Pontine Islands.